Hazardous area limit switch / robust / ATEX / mechanical
07-2961-1.62 BARTEC


  • Protection level:

    for hazardous areas, robust, ATEX

  • Other characteristics:

    mechanical, explosion-proof


Besides the metal-enclosed precision switch of the RET series, BARTEC also offers a series of limit switches with plastic bodies. The enclosure is made of shock impact resistant proof plastic providing an IP 65 protection class according to IEC/EN 60529. Due to its format several limit switches can be mounted in tandem formation requiring very little space. This allows a multiple triggering of switching operations. The connection cable is equipped with a strain relief device, prewired and safely cast into the enclosure by means of epoxy resin. We supply this robust limit switch with a standard length of 3 m; special lengths are available on request.


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