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air-cooled pressure booster / piston / air / gas



  • Technology:


  • Media:

    air, gas, nitrogen

  • Lubrication:


  • Cooling system:


  • Number of stages:


  • Flow:

    124 m³/h, 174 m³/h, 222 m³/h, 272 m³/h, 322 m³/h (4,379 ft³/h)

  • Pressure:

    Min.: 25 bar (363 psi)

    Max.: 90 bar (1,305 psi)


The GIB series: Air-cooled medium pressure booster compressors for the compression of air, nitrogen, helium and argon – for continuous operation in industrial applications

Fully automatic compressor control: B-CONTROL II

Optimum free air delivery rates for your application: For the compression of air, nitrogen, helium and argon

Compressor blocks in the BK 23 – BK 52 series: For uniform absorption of the internal gas forces

Low installation and maintenance costs: An important benefit of air-cooled systems

Powerful air cooling system: For compressor units with drive power ratings up to 110 kW

The air-cooled booster compressors in the GIB series by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN are characterised by their crankcase, which is pressure-resistant up to 16 bar.

A powerful air cooling system with generously dimensioned coolers combined with cylinders with extensive ribbing can be relied upon for best possible cooling of each individual compressor stage.

As cost-effective and durable system solutions for heavy-duty applications, these multi-stage boosters offer a wide and varied range of options: as a booster compressor of air from a compressed air supply system, as a nitrogen compressor of inert gases from generators or storage bundles, or as gas compressors for the compression of methane from pipelines or biogas directly from the treatment system.