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BD 90/75 BAUER Maschinen GmbH



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Decanter Centrifuge BD 90/75
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The Bauer BD 90/75 centrifuge operates on the decanter centrifuge principle. Slurry, contaminated with soil particles, is pumped into the hub of a rotating conveyor screw and passes into the rotating bowl surrounding the screw conveyor through ports in the conveyor hub, where the solids are separated out from the fluid by the centrifugal forces and deposited on the bowl wall.

The conveyor screw continuously conveys the solids along the bowl wall to the solids discharge port, whilst the clarified liquid is continuously discharge in the opposite direction.

The Bauer decanter centrifuge operates on a variable speed up to 2000 rpm. Heavy duty conveyor blades, generously designed bearings and an optimised system of vibration isolators make an unattended and automatic operation of the Bauer decanter centrifuge possible.

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