DC motor / permanent magnet / 12 V / disc
GDM series Baumüller


  • Type:


  • Technology:

    permanent magnet

  • Voltage :

    12 V

  • Other characteristics:


  • Power:

    Min.: 16 W (0.02 hp)

    Max.: 6300 W (8.45 hp)


The main strengths of Baumüller disc motors are that they are compact and flat. In their shortest design, only 36.5 mm of axial space is required.

GDM DC disc motors
Baumüller DC disc motors are permanent magnet motors with ironless rotors and barrel commutators, meaning that they are low in inertia and highly dynamic throughout the whole speed range.

DSM brushless disc motors
For applications where DC motors (with their associated commutator and carbon brushes) are unsuitable, brushless disc motors are ideal. The additional electrical control required for any special applications can also be incorporated in the motor housing.

GDM 75 - 12 - DC Disc Motors

Compact, flat design
Low in inertia and highly dynamic throughout the whole speed range
Precise true run even at minimum speeds
Can be overloaded to several times its rated value for a brief period
Minimal wear of carbon brushes, meaning that maintenance costs can be reduced
Very well suited to high-speed start/stop operation
For low powers up to 150 W
Permanently excited DC motors with ironless rotors
Available with tachogenerator, pulse encoder, holding brake, and gearbox as options
Insulation class F, type of protection IP44 (higher types available on request)
For low and medium powers up to 4500 W


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