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Just like our panel PCs, our box PCs are based on open standards from the automation and IT world. You can program the controllers with both IEC61131-3 as well as with the open Common Intermediate Language (CIL) in Visual Studio® and thus accelerate applications through a combination of traditional programming and standard language.
Maximum performance in control and communication

For centralized and hybrid control architectures
Windows 7 embedded operating system with integrated real-time kernel for demanding, highly synchronized control tasks and machine visualization in one module
Based on industrial PC technology
High-performance integrated EtherCAT Master
High-precision system synchronization through EtherCAT Distributed Clocks
IEC 61131-3 programming
Fully integrated into an engineering framework
Comprehensive motion control implementation

Your benefits

Use the functions of a controller and the services of an open operating system
One system for all tasks: PLC, HMI, IT connection
Open hardware and software platform
Windows operating systems are in use worldwide
Backup and restore mechanisms for the entire automation system
PC-based control technology increases performance while reducing costs
Multi-core processors for computing capacity with defined real-time properties
Open communication interfaces


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