Benchtop data acquisition system / real-time Ethernet
EtherCAT Baumüller


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    real-time Ethernet


Fastest real-time Ethernet bus system for all applications in the field of mechanical engineering and process automation: Standard logic, Motion Control, measurement and control technology with integrated IT communication technology. The EtherCAT technology and its further development is actively supported by more than 600 member companies of the EtherCAT Technology Group.

The EtherCAT real-time Ethernet field bus exhibits high performance, low wiring expenditure and openness for other protocols. The complex star Ethernet topology can be replaced with a simple linear structure using EtherCAT. Expensive infrastructure components (switches) are therefore not necessary, but can be integrated for the optional connection of other devices.

EtherCAT even makes it possible to integrate Ethernet down to the I/O level in an economically sensible way.

EtherCAT features

Full Ethernet compatibility
Internet technology in even the simplest devices
Maximum utilization of the Ethernet bandwith
Excellent real-time features at low cost


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