PVC extruder / for WPC / twin-screw / laboratory
MD - 30/19 Bausano & Figli S.p.A.



  • Treated material:

    for PVC, for WPC

  • Number of screws:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Screw diameter:

    30 mm


Counter rotating twin screw extruders are available in the new PLUS versions by Bausano. The new versions include the MULTIDRIVE SYSTEM 4.2, which is designed to eliminate the torsion effort on command shafts. The PLUS machine itself comes with a new air cooling system with highly-efficient capabilities. Its onboard control panel is equipped with a color touch-screen display. The possibilities for customization are limitless. Advantages include easy maintenance and a high output.

The MULTIDRIVE SYSTEM 4x2 has a longer transmission system life than that of the traditional models. It offers perfect subdivision of the transmitted torque and torsion effort as well as more available power at the screw.