PVC extruder / for PP / for PE / for HDPE
MD-90/36 Bausano & Figli S.p.A.



  • Treated material:

    for PVC, for PP, for PE, for HDPE, for PC, for PS, for ABS, for WPC

  • Number of screws:


  • Screw diameter:

    90 mm


PLUS provides a broad selection of counter rotating screw extruders from Bausano. The unit features various advantages for the customers like the more efficient air fan cooling system and on board control panel equipped with color touch screen. It is capable of eliminating the torsion effort in on the command shafts with excellent subdivision of the effort and torque.

It can also reinforce the thrust bearing system while increasing the available power at the screw. The tool is provided with prolonged life of the transmission system as compared to the traditional Multidirve system. This unit ensures higher output at easy maintenance with limitless possibilities.