Differential pressure transmitter / with display
max. 10 bar | 157T BCM SENSOR TECHNOLOGIES bvba

The 157T differential pressure transmitters are built from BCM 157M silicon capacitive differential pressure modules based on silicon capacitive technology. The transmitters feature a full stainless steel housing, 316L stainless steel isolating diaphragm and standard assembly ports making them highly suitable for rugged industrial applications. The module is well equipped with a 4½ digits LCD display. The designed module measures 0~60mbar to 0~50bar differential pressure range and output signal of 4~20mA with HART protocol.

The modules are designed to operate at 100 bar static (system or line) pressure with low static pressure effect down to 0.1%fs (fs = full scale). The transmitters offer a measuring accuracy of up to 0.1%fs. 157T differential pressure transmitters feature 0~60mbar to 0~5bar pressure range, 32bar, 100bar static pressure, 4~20mA with HART protocol + 4½ digits output signal with 0.1%fs, 0.2%fs (standard) display accuracy. They are made of 316L (isolating diphragm) 0.5%fs materials and come with optional Hastelloy-C, Monel 316 SS (flanges)



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