Axis positioning software
TwinCAT® NC PTP Beckhoff Automation

TwinCAT NC PTP – Point-to-point axis positioning

Position control with the PC

TwinCAT NC PTP includes axis positioning software (set value generation, position control), an integrated software PLC with NC interface, operating program for commissioning and an I/O connection to the axes through various fieldbuses. TwinCAT NC PTP replaces conventional positioning modules and NC controllers.

NC PTP software on the PC

The position controller is normally calculated on the PC processor and cyclically exchanges data via the fieldbus with drives and measurement systems.

The capacity of a PC allows axes to be moved in parallel with the PLC functionality. PC power means that some tens of axes can easily be positioned simultaneously.

System structure

Axes are structured into channels for PTP movement and for interpolated movements.

Axis structure

TwinCAT NC PTP uses variables to operate axes. Each axis has variables for encoder, drive and controller. The axis can be linked to I/O interfaces, and parameters can be set.

Axis functions

Axis functions such as

* start (various modes)
* stop
* new target position and velocity
* constant drive output
* set/call actual position


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