embedded PC / Intel® Pentium / Ethernet / USB
CX1010 series Beckhoff Automation



  • Type:


  • Processor:

    Intel® Pentium

  • Ports:

    Ethernet, USB, VGA, DVI

  • Other characteristics:

    touch screen, panel-mount

  • Field:



You are looking at a basic CX1010 module, which is part of the CX family of products and comes with an Pentium MMX- compatible processor, offering advanced performance in terms of the CPU. Depending on the application you want to use this product with, you can choose it in "headless" mode, without the keyboard and display. In addition, the control system comes with no visualization.

Communication is done entirely via the Ethernet interface built into the system, while the implementation of local visualization is done through a DVI interface. Note that all modules of the CX series system are connected.