ISA CPU module / Intel® Celeron® / compact
CX1020 Beckhoff Automation



  • Bus standard:


  • Processor:

    Intel® Celeron®

  • Other characteristics:



The standard CX1020 Central processing unit element includes a 1 GHz Intel® Processor. The control fails to call for a enthusiast or some other turning elements. Along with the Processor along with the chipset, the CX1020 element also includes the primary recollection, which comes in sizes. The control boot styles in the Small Display. The essential setup in the CX1020 features a 64 MB Small Display greeting card as well as 2 Ethernet RJ 45 interfaces. These interfaces are associated with an inside offer and switch a straightforward choice for building a series topology without making use of extra Ethernet changes. All the other CX family members parts could be hooked up using the Personal computer/104 graphical user interface that may be located on each side. The indirect cooling down unit is in the extent of source. The operating-system could be House windows CE or Microsoft windows Inserted Common. The TwinCAT automation computer software transforms a CX1020 program in to a effective Motion and PLC Management...