USB interface module
CX1010-N0xx series Beckhoff Automation

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USB interface module USB interface module - CX1010-N0xx series


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There are many useful interface modules to use in the CX1010 CPU module. This can work with the CX1010-N010 option that gets Beckhoff control panels for DVI and VGA inputs with DVI and USB interfaces. The USB interface can work well for managing different types of standards for linking items with more than enough control to get a setup ready. This N030 and N040 lines work with four serial RS232 interfaces and can manage transfer speeds of 115 kbaud. These can work with RS422 and RS485 pairs and will not be retrofitted or expanded as they are brought out.

These are supplied to where they cannot be cut out from a CPU module. Additional models also use plugs for different audio setups and varying ports. The units can all be powered up with the PC?104 bus to make them active and ready to work.