USB interface module
CX1030-N0xx series Beckhoff Automation

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USB interface module USB interface module - CX1030-N0xx series


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The CX1030-N0xx is a system interface that provides different modules in addition to the existing units depending on what type of extension is needed or upgraded.

The CX1030-N010 links the Beckhoff Control Panels to the DVI or USB interfaces which included the different devices that are USB 2.0 compatible.

The CX1030-N020 provides enhanced multimedia via audio interface.

The CX1030-N030 and the CX1030-N040 provides four serial RS232 with transmission speed of 115 kbaud which can be added in pairs.

Extension of the system interface cannot be done as they are part of the CPU module. By using the internal PC/104 bus running in the system interface, the CX components can be linked and the power supply is provided for proper maintenance.