Axis positioning software
TwinCAT® NC PTP Beckhoff Automation


TwinCAT NC PTP is the Point-to-point alignment placing Position switch with the PC TwinCAT NC PTP comprises axis placing software (lay down rate creation, location control), an incorporated software PLC with NC crossing point, in service program for installing and an Input/output link to the axes during different fieldbuses. TwinCAT NC PTP restores conservative positioning units and numerical controllers. NC PTP software on the computer The place regulator is usually intended on the computer processor and exchanges information at regular intervals through the field-bus with drives and dimension systems. The ability of a computer enables axes to be travelled in parallel with the programmable logic controller functionality. Computer power denotes that a few tens of axes can effortlessly be placed concurrently. System arrangement Axes are prearranged into canals for Precision Transfer Protocol movement and for interpolated progresses. Axis structure TwinCAT NC PTP employs variables to control axes. Every axis includes variables for drive, encoder, and controller. The axis can be connected...


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