presence detector / ceiling-mounted / indoor / monitoring
PD4-M-1C-GH B.E.G. Brück Electronic GmbH



  • Detected entity:


  • Other characteristics:

    ceiling-mounted, indoor, monitoring, remote


Occupancy detector designed for high-bay warehouses
One potential-free (dry) switching contact
Version as master device
Extension of the detection area with slave devices possible
Easy operation with remote control (required)
Manual switching via push-button possible
There are markings for adjusting the detector
When used in high-bay warehouses, care should be taken that, in the cross-aisles of the warehouse, detectors are installed that can detect movement only in the desired aisle locations, by using blinds or other technical arrangements.
Factory settings 3 min and 1000 lux
Application examples:
monitoring of warehouses, high-bay storages (in translation).

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