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Abbe refractometer
1.2 - 1.74 RI, 350 - 800 nm | Abbe 60 Bellingham + Stanley

Demanding needs of quality checking and in few cases of authorization change, mean that greater levels of precision is required from refract-o-meters. The Abbe 60 edition of direct reading models, available in two analysis extents, have been engineered for satisfying needs. These modern layouts implement an externally installed LED light source for sample brightness, there is also a frequency-range compromising unit which is employed to achromatize the mean sodium wavelength of 589.3nm. The refractive index can be directly read from a scale divided to 0.001 enabling a ±0.0001 expectation. Monitoring of temperature by circulation of water is possible, there is a digitized display for prism temperature. Direct reading versions are ideal for the analysis of sugar related content in solutions, food and drink products. They can also be utilized to estimate the refractive index of pure liquids, solutions and formulated products like flavourings, fragrances, oils and fats, solvents, plastics, resins, adhesives and many other industrial elements.


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