UV LED curing system / for coating / for drying / with belt conveyor
BE 20 Beltron GmbH



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    UV LED

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    for coating, for drying, with belt conveyor


The BE 20 series is manufactured by Beltron, and is an LED UV dryer that has a full turnkey function, which is fitted with light irradiation unit. The heat produced during the conventional UV irradiation has only 1/10, which the cooling and exhaust fans consume less and accordingly less power.

The unit is applied in wide variety of applications including in printing, electronic, plastic, building materials, textile and packaging industries. It is also highly utilized in pharmaceutical, automotive and glass industry, which is intended for a working width of 20 cm.

There is a lamp can be started and stopped instantly and therefore no shutter is needed during production, which the uv power is also adjustable within 20 to 100%.