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Cooling nozzle / programmable
max. 20 bar | System P4 Bema Maschinen


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Up to 99 different positions, pre-programmable on changing machines. While the machine is being set up, the cooling jet is simultaneously directed by remote control onto the desired point on the tool. The position is programmed by pressing the OK button. This process may be repeated 99 times. The machine can now work its way through its components and the cooling jet is still directed correctly onto the tool.

P4 consists of the following:

LCD display to show swivel position, tool number and effective running period
position keys for setting the swivel position
keys for setting the various types of program and for influencing the program.
(Programming instructions supplied!)

Swivel-mounted coolant nozzles consist of the following:

coolant nozzles
servo motor
coolant connection


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