Residual current monitoring system
max. 125 A, max. 2 000 Hz | LINETRAXX® RCMS series BENDER


  • Type:

    residual current


The RCMS system, manufactured by Bender, is a residual current evaluator that can sense error, residual and operating currents in earthed power supplies through the associated measuring current transformers. The maximum V of the system to be monitored comes in accordance to the nominal insulation voltage of the measuring current transformers used in case of busbar systems, or on the cables or conductors that are routed through.

Measuring of the alternate and direct current is mandatory for the closed W-AB system measuring current transformers. Six W-AB system measuring current transformers need one AN420 power supply unit.

The transformers such as W, WR, and WS, are utilized for alternating and pulsating currents. They can also be used in any combination with the measuring channels of the evaluators.


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Residual current monitoring