AC/DC power supply / rack-mount / for telecom applications / modular



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    rack-mount, for telecom applications, modular


SLIMLINE modular DC power supply systems

SLIMLINE SE power supply systems are built from individual modules with capacities of 800W (SLIMLINE 800 SE) and 2000W (SLIMLINE 2000 SE). The SLIMLINE SE rectifier modules are installed in 19" 1U carriers. Each carrier can accommodate up to five 48V- 800 SE modules or three 48V-2000 SE modules.

Systems with different battery capacities and load configurations can be created. Distribution modules are designed to fit 19" racks and are 1U or 3U high depending upon the number of output feeds required. The rectifier carrier, rectifier modules, battery protection devices and output distribution equipment forms a complete modular SLIMLINE SE power supply system (SLIMLINE Modular System ≡ SMS).

BENNING's smallest capacity power supply system (SMS 2400 SE) accommodates up to three rectifier modules (48V-800 SE) in a 1U 19" carrier together with a battery protection and load distribution unit (4000 SE) in a second 1U 19" enclosure.