milk analyzer / total fat / protein / benchtop
Combi150 Bentley Instruments



  • Measured entity:

    for milk, total fat, protein

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, compact, laser


The Bentley DairySpec & SomaCount Combi simultaneously measures somatic cells and components, helping dairy laboratories to greatly enhance their operation’s efficiency. This system combines the analytically power of the DairySpec FT and the Somacount FC, two of Bentley Instruments most proven, reliable and easy to use systems. A single auto-sampler delivers samples to both systems, speeding up the analysis process. Optional bar code readers can also be used to monitor and track samples.

DairySpec FT (component analysis module) features

The DairySpec FT is a compact, highly accurate instrument for the analysis of milk and milk products.

- Analyzes dairy components including fat, protein, lactose and solids
- Up to 150 samples per hour
- Handles products of high viscosity
- Flexible data output options
- Optional Autosampler for fully automatic operation
- Available with Fat “A” and Fat “B”
- Optional freezing point depression (FPD)
- Low maintenance design

Accurate, compact, fast and reliable, the Bentley 150 is ideal for laboratories with small to medium testing requirements.

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