Worm screw jack / translating screw / stainless steel


  • Technology:

    worm, translating screw

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel

  • Load:

    Min.: 0.01 kN

    Max.: 1000 kN


The Screw Jack series can hold and move objects through a large force in a linear motion. It can operate heavy work pieces with a wide range of weights. It is ideal in pushing, pulling, lifting, lowering and positioning operation. The product has an acceleration of 5.4 m/min, or 90 millimeters per second.

The device is ideal to use with hydraulic and pneumatic jacks, due to its high accuracy and firmness. It has additional attachments that include sensors, drive shafts, and bevel gearboxes.

It is designed within 4 meters in length, and can hold up to 500 kN (50 tons). However, longer measurements can be requested. For extreme working conditions, screw jacks made from stainless steel are available. If problems arise, operations engineers are available for any help or guidance.


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