blancher industrial cooker / reclining / steam / with mixer
KIPPKO 400 Berief Nahrungsmittelmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG



  • Type:

    blancher, reclining, steam

  • Other characteristics:

    with mixer


The KIPPKO 400 JUNIOR was developed to be able to attract in a more targeted way those very flexible customers working with smaller batches in the sector and to be able to supply the catering sector with this modern technology. The tried and tested, key features of the Tiltable Cooking and Roasting Kettle have been retained in this version as well:

Horizontal cylindrical kettle
Efficient, channel-shaped heating system
Steam heating up to 10 bar
Horizontal agitator with Teflon wall scrapers
Emptying into 200 litre Euro standard trolley
User-friendly touch display

Simplified design and a limited selection of options, including:

Indirect cooling with fresh or ice water
Pre-strainer to pour off liquids
Lifting/tilting unit for filling
Recipe management
Water intake via swing pipe for fast, direct cooling

make the KIPPKO 400 JUNIOR an interesting alternative to established large kitchen and catering technology.

All required process steps including:

roasting and stewing
mixing and stirring
and cooling

can be done in a single system. In the past, several kettles and machines were needed. This type of kettle is being used more and more in cook-and-chill kitchens, which are often at the threshold between large kitchen and production kitchen equipped with industrial devices.