threaded fitting / barbed / straight / elbow
Barbed Fittings Beswick Engineering Co, Inc.



  • Attachment:

    threaded, barbed

  • Configuration:

    straight, elbow, T

  • Applications:

    hydraulic, pneumatic

  • Material:

    brass, stainless steel, titanium

  • Other characteristics:

    for the food industry, with seal, compact, chemical-resistant, lightweight, for the pharmaceutical industry, miniature, wide temperature range, for harsh environments, vacuum, corrosion-resistant, for chemical applications, for the biotechnology industry

  • Diameter:

    Min.: 0.79 mm

    Max.: 6.35 mm

  • Operating pressure:

    Min.: -1 bar (-14.5 psi)

    Max.: 6.9 bar (100.08 psi)


Beswick's barb fittings are available in a wide range of materials, including brass, 303 & 316 stainless steel, nickel plated brass, and titanium, and feature a proprietary single-edge “line contact” barb profile. This design allows the tubing to be pushed onto the fitting by hand and also ensures a leak-tight connection along the inner diameter of the tubing. Barb fittings are best suited for use with soft flexible tubing such as Polyurethane or Vinyl at low pressure. These fittings can generally handle pressures from full vacuum up to 80-100 psig without a clamp, depending on tubing and application conditions. With a clamp installed, the tubing burst pressure typically becomes the limiting factor.

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