spraying nozzle / for drying / PEEK / stainless steel
TD-K series BETE


  • Function:

    spraying, for drying

  • Material:

    PEEK, stainless steel

  • Other characteristics:


  • Orifice diameter:

    Min.: 0.03 in

    Max.: 0.16 in


TD-10K provides up to 10,000 psi at temperatures up to 450°F and
does this trough the use of a PEEK backup ring and Duplex 2205 carrier.
TD-7K provides up to 7,000 psi at temperatures up to 450°F trough
the use of a PEEK backup ring.
TD-K Hollow Cone and Spray Drying Nozzle are provided if required.
Yield can be further increased by operating at higher pressures.
TD body was altered in order to accommodate a backup ring, allowing BETE
to develop the TD-K configuration for leak-proof operation up to 10,000 psi.
TD-Ks can operate at high pressures and temperatures, provide greater yield,
along with a safe, leek-proof operation at minimal additional cost.