electric valve actuator / rotary / bendable / for control of shut-off



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    for control of shut-off


Emerson Process Managements Valve automation has taken Emergency Shutdown Final Control Elements to the next level with its new SIL-PAC Product.

Working with their sister divisions in Emerson and Valve Suppliers, we are able to offer a flexible, complete solution for your Emergency Shutdown applications. The SIL-PAC combines the strength of their market leading actuators with the functionality of the Fisher DVC for ESD to create the industrys leading muscle for ESD applications.

However, we dont stop there. They then took this muscle and combined it with the valve on your approved vendors list. How do we know they are on your preferred vendors list you ask? It is really quite simple, we are valve neutral, we can supply anybodies valve. We didnt select one or two valve families from one vendor to be a part of our solution, we picked them all.