stacking robot / articulated / industrial
SCR-90 Bewo Cutting Systems B.V.



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The stacking robot SCR-90 can stack in four different quadrants. The control panel is able to run a simulation of the desired stacking. Without needing any knowledge of programming, you will be able to profit from the intelligent possibilities of the stacking robot.

Construction of the stacking robot, model SCR-90 is as follows:
• Transport and collecting system: The transport and collecting system collects the tubes coming from the deburring machine, measuring machine or tube cleaning machine. The tubes are automatically lined up for the gripper. The amount of tubes is detected by sensors. When enough tubes are collected the gripper takes away one packet and new tubes are lined up.
• Gripper: We have several grippers available. For steel we advise electromagnetic grippers. For other materials as stainless steel and nonferrous materials, vacuum grippers are needed. The grippes have a very short change over time.
• Control: The SCR-90 is being controlled by motion controller. We can pre-program all stacking forms for you. The only data you need to enter is the box or bundle size and the amount of tubes in the box or bundle. Also the box or bundle needs to have a fixed position.

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