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drum industrial cooker / for fish / steam
1000 CT, 1300 CT BFR Systems



  • Food product:

    for fish

  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:



Steam cookers are completely insulated under 304 L stainless stell hoods, made to guarantee easy access and maintenance interventions. Consistant and precise temperatures are guarenteed.

Two extrusion tubes :

built on a mobile support frame (esy interventions),
with an adjustement screw to control the output speed
Drum size : 1000 mm for 4 belts (from 600 to 800 kg of product / day, 1300 mm for 6 belts (from 900 to 1200 kg of product/day).
Diameter 1500 mm.
Width : 1000 our 1300 mm.
Speed : from 2,8 to 17 M/min.
Steam capacity and consumption: depends on the receipes and number of belt of extrusion
Certified CE, UL
304 L stianless steel construction
Food conception: no retention areas, no hollow parts. Easy belt removal, easy cleaning
Structure and frame suitable for pressure cleaning

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