dynamic kneader / batch / for concrete / laboratory
DKX series BHS Sonthofen



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    for concrete, laboratory

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The development of new and high-performance concrete types means that developmental tasks and activities are becoming more and more important for concrete laboratories in addition to the task of quality assurance. The concrete laboratory thereby gains a strategic importance as well. It is therefore of great importance that the results of the concrete laboratory can be implemented into large scale-operation with a high degree of reliability and without problems.

At the request of numerous customers, BHS has therefore developed a laboratory mixer (Type DKX 0.06), whose 60 liter mixing volume represents a to-scale downsizing of the large BHS twin-shaft batch mixer (Type DKX) and is representative of the production machinery. These laboratory mixers are supplied with a drive power of 3 kW or 2 x 5.5 kW as well as an optional control system, including a frequency converter.

We additionally offer laboratory mixers for virtually all other BHS mixing systems in order to perform mixing trials with customer-specific materials. These might be laboratory mixers as a single-shaft continuous mixer (Type MFKG), twin-shaft continuous mixer (Type LFK) or dry powder batch mixer (Type DMX). Please feel free to contact us so we can provide you with additional details and information.