universal use saw blade / band / bimetallic / cobalt
M42 Bichamp Cutting Technology(Hunan) Co., Ltd.



  • Type:


  • Material:

    bimetallic, cobalt, HSS

  • Cut material:

    universal use

  • Band saw blade width:

    19, 13, 27, 34

  • Saw blade thickness:

    1.1, 0.9, 0.6



M42 Bi-metal is designed to be an all-purpose, high-quality blade. We custom build each blade to have aggressive tooth geometry and a fatigue-resistant backer. By setting the teeth alternately on the left and right side at regular intervals, we break up the regular tooth pattern to reduce noise and, therefore, vibration and chatter.
This bi-metal band saw blade is welded with two materials: Powder high speed (HSS) for the teeth and spring steel as back material. Which are joined during the Laser welding process or electron-beam welding process. This welding process results in an optimal combination of material. The tooth hardness is 68-69HRC(950HV-1000HV).


1.Width: 13mm-67mm
2.Thickness : 0.6mm-1.6mm
3.TPI:3、4、6、8、2/3、3/4、4/6、5/8、6/10、8/12、10/14 etc.
4.Tooth shape: Normal tooth、Protective tooth、Combine tooth、High-low tooth etc.
5.Tooth Set: Setting tooth、Non-setting tooth、Wave set etc.


1. Carbon steel
2. Chrome steel
3. Tool steel
3. Die steel
4. Stainless steel
5. Nickel based steel
6. Structural
7. Pipe and tube


1. Resists heat, abrasion, and shock
2. Can be used in horizontal and vertical machines
3. Idea for contour and general purpose cutting