Micro-milling and engraving machine
650 x 450 mm | FP 64 BIEMMEPI SISTEMI

Traveles dimension of 25.6”x17.7” and maximum working depth of 2.95” makes the FP 64 model something more than a simple mechanical engraving machine, in fact it widen the operational possibilities so much to be able to sometimes represent a valid substitute of the small shop millers. Of course everithing rispect the simplicity of use that’s a standard of the BIEMMEPI’s products, simplicity enlarged today by the BMPCAD XP software, the design and automation software developed for Windows XP system. Engravings, millings and drillings are operations well adaptable to the mechanical characteristics of FP family and FP 64 rapresents the top for his working area dimensions. The FP minicenters got furthermore full 3 axis simultaneous movement system: when they are mismatched with three-dimensional CAD-CAM system, such as BMPCAD XP 3D, they can produce 3D pieces and improve up your professional engraver activity.



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