threaded insert / stainless steel / low-profile / for sandwich panels
M4 - M12, 6 - 40mm bigHead Bonding Fasteners



  • Type:


  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Configuration:


  • Applications:

    for sandwich panels


TwinDisk Honeycomb and Sandwich Panel Fasteners are higher power thread like slots available in male and female layouts. The TwinDisk can be accessed in various volumes for meeting precise console positions. These low-profile fasteners offer safety, dependability, cost effectiveness and reduces time consumption. If pre-set, these can considerably organized and make the layout easier to access.

Additionally, the flexible bigHeads can be mounted on the surface using adhesives and permit plastics or composites to pass across the pierced crown, thereby sealing it into place and evenly distributing the load.

The bigHeads do not require any boring or filling and can be supplied in mild or stainless steel. Moreover, the 400 standard bigHeads can be made available in short spans.

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