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solenoid-driven valve / pneumatically-operated / double-flange / in plastic
Isonic® V4 series Bimba



  • Operation:

    solenoid-driven, pneumatically-operated

  • Body:

    double-flange, in plastic

  • Other characteristics:


  • Pressure:

    125 psi

  • DN:

    6 mm


4-Way Plastic Body
Isonic® V4 series offer 4-way valves that are available with single solenoid, single or double air pilot. These valves have 1/4" OD tube collets or 6mm OD tube collects. Molded from high performance thermoplastic, Isonic valves achieve superior heat, impact and chemical resistance. Valves can be mounted as stand alone or on a manifold up to 4 stations.

Isonic® V4 are UL/CSA listed
Push-to-connect fittings installed, 1/4" OD tube or 6mm OD
Pressure to 120 PSI or 28" of Hg. vacuum
Mount free standing or on a manifold
No lubrication is required
Response time: 10 milliseconds

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