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Non-rotating cylinder / pneumatic / piston / double-acting
Original Line® series Bimba


  • Movement:


  • Type:


  • Technology:

    piston, double-acting

  • Stroke :

    Min.: 0.011 in

    Max.: 50 in


The "Blue and Improved" Original Line® non-rotating cylinder features permanent grease lubrication. Design enhancements have more than double the anticipated service life of this cylinder, featuring a square piston rod to prevent rotation. The unique geometry of the piston rod and end cap features a square profile with rounded corners, providing superior rotational control.

Bore sizes: 9/16, 3/4", 1-1/16, 1-1/2, 2, 2-1/2"
Stainless steel piston rod is standard
Urethane rod seal
Rotational control of ± 3°
NEW! Blue and Improved design doubles previous cylinder life
NEW! Permanent grease lubricant requires no additional lubrication during service


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