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non-rotating cylinder / pneumatic / double-acting / magnetic piston
Original Line® series Bimba



  • Movement:


  • Type:


  • Technology:

    double-acting, magnetic piston

  • Other characteristics:

    standard, non-repairable, three-position, stainless steel

  • Stroke :

    Max.: 31.978 in

    Min.: 0.011 in

  • Torque:

    Max.: 140

    Min.: 2.3


Original Line® 3-Position
The "Blue and Improved" 3-Position Original Line® cylinder features permanent grease lubrication. Design enhancements have more than doubled the anticipated service life of this non-repairable stainless steel body cylinder offering three distinct stopping points in its travel. This double acting cylinder is an example of our industry leading product breadth in non-repairable cylinders.

Bore sizes: 9/16", 3/4", 1-1/16", 1-1/2", 2"
3 Model Options: Standard; Magnetic piston for end of stroke sensing; Non-rotating rod
Standard Options: Bumpers, Alternate Port Location, Rod Wiper, Switch Track, and more
Low and High Temperature Lubrication and Seals
Blue and Improved design doubles previous cylinder life
Permanent grease lubricant requires no additional lubrication during service

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