relative pressure transducer / membrane / digital / with amplified output
PT-L1-L3-L10 BinMaster



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    with amplified output


The PT-L1/L3/L10 series is a collection of simple pressure transducers with an amplified output. They offer a sensible, low cost solution for tank level measurement in environments where ordinary conditions exist and hazardous location requirements do not apply. With these sensors, you are not paying for features you don’t need, but you still get accurate, reliable level measurement. These pressure transducers are inexpensive and great for a wide variety of uses, including OEM applications.

They are tough enough for many environments, made from your choice of 316L or 15-5 SS. These pressure sensors are built to last with high chemical compatibility and a solid construction. The PT-L1/L3/L10 pressure transducers are built in a compact enclosure to fit most any tank. Made of either 15-5 or 316L stainless steel and with an operating temperature of -40º - 180ºF (-40º - 82ºC), these economcial sensors are suitable for many liquid level applications.