Vibrating level switch / for solids
VR-51 BinMaster


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    for solids


The VR-51 expanded vibrating rod utilizes a steel-rope strengthened cord that permits insertion lengths from 19 inches up to 19 feet. This pulsating rod with a versatile expansion is customized to the required length criteria at the BinMaster factory. It is used for top mount applications and can be utilized to diagnose components that are bulky, moderate or low-weight including the ones that are ultra light and fluffy.

The BinMaster vibrating rods VR-51 consist of a distinctive one-rod probe structure with a sword-like blade to resists the bridging of component and exceeding the “tuning fork” structures by permitting the free-flow of components. The other advantages include an independent cleaning sensor, switch selectable high/low fail-safe as well as an automated sensing power supply that can house from 20 up to 250 volts AC/DC.


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