activated alumina filter medium / gas / for wastewater / high-efficiency
Bi-On SORB Bioconservacion



  • Material:

    activated alumina

  • Applications:

    gas, for wastewater

  • Other characteristics:



Bi-On SORB is a spherical alumina based media. Impregnated with Potassium Permanganate during manufacturing.

Bi-On SORB uses the combined action of physical and chemical processes to control gas emissions. Oxidized gases are converted into harmless products such as CO2, water and salts.

Bi-On SORB is designed to efficiently eliminate pollutants such as acidic gases, Nitrogen and Sulphur containing compounds, and low molecular weight volatiles.


High efficiency
Wide spectrum of gas adsorption
Higher loading capacity
Visual indicator when product is consumed
It allows blends with other active principles