biological gas scrubber / high-efficiency
5500 series bionomicind


  • Type of gas:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Output:

    Min.: 849 m³/h (29982.15 ft³/h)

    Max.: 84950 m³/h (2999980.94 ft³/h)


The Series 5500 Crossflow Scrubber is the type to consider when less then 99% removal efficiency is acceptable on gaseous contaminants and a low profile horizontal scrubber design is required for rooftop or other height limited installations. This scrubber is equipped with the same Hi-flowSM throughput low pressure drop packed bed section and mist eliminator as our Packed Towers for maximum efficiency.

Capacity Rating: 500 thru 50,000 cfm

Typical Applications include

Moderate efficiency removal of water soluble corrosive vapors and mists
Acid Scrubbing
Aerosol Removal
Fume Scrubbing
Gas Scrubbing
Mist Removal
Odor Control