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Inductive signal transmitter

RFGate 2.1 / RFGate 2.2 transmits the status of pressure-sensitive safety edges mounted on the mobile part of the gate securely and contact-free. Information is wirelessly transmitted to the switching device. Program, fit, switch on and off you go! Acoustic and visual displays warn when the battery charge is too low.

One- and two-channel

Depending on application and needs, select the one-channel (RFGate 2.1) or two-channel variant (RFGate 2.2). With the two-channel solution, you can program up to seven transmitters on one or the other output.

Optoelectronic safety edges

RFGate 2.2.O is a wireless signal transmission system for optoelectronic safety edges and electric safety edges on roller and sectional gates and folding doors. Depending on the application, you can monitor and evaluate two safety edges per transmitter, low-power OSE with either an 8.2 kOhm safety edge or NO switch or a combination of two inputs, either 8.2 kOhm safety edge or NO switch. You can program up to seven transmitters per receiver.



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