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Inductive signal transmitter
3 V, 17 mA, 8.2 kOhm | RFGate series BIRCHER REGLOMAT


The RFGate 2.1/RFGate 2.2 can be used to transmit the pressure-sensitive safety edges' status, which are contact-free and securely mounted on the mobile part of the gate. The information is then transmitted to the switching device wirelessly. The visual and acoustic display warn appears when the battery charge is too low.

In addition, two- and one-channel operation is possible, depending on the requirements of the application. For example, users can opt for the two-channel option if they require programming of up to seven transmitters on one or the other output. This item is also used for optoelectronic safety edges, as well as electric safety edges on sectional and roller gates, and folding doors.

Depending on the type of application required, monitoring and evaluation of two safety edges per transmitter is possible.



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