Timing belt linear actuator
max. 3300 N, max. 4 m/s, max. 6 m | SBD series Bishop-Wisecarver

The SBD sealed belt driven unit incorporates a high strength steel reinforced tooth belt, with zero backlash and driving forces to 3300N. Hepco LBG precision caged linear ball guides provide dynamic load capacities to 52,100N. The unit is housed in a high strength aluminum beam and is completely enclosed with a very effective stainless steel band running along the length of the beam and kept in contact by a magnetic strip. This cover provides exceptional protection of the internal mechanism from dirt debris.

Sealed Belt driven units, offered in standard and clean room configurations, come in three basic sizes, plus the addition of a New "High Stiffness" version SBD30-100XL, providing a higher level of performance in terms of load capacity and life than other comparable sized systems.

Three sizes, compact in construction SBD15-60, SBD20-80 and SBD30-100. (60, 80 and 100 relate to the width of the beam in mm).
Units are supplied in increments of 60mm (SBD20-80 and SBD15-60) and 80mm (SBD30-100) up to 6 meters long. Longer systems can be achieved by joining.
Shaft with fitted key; right, left, double and hollow shaft options
Limit switch and bracket options include mechanical and inductive versions
Internal buffers for end of stroke protection at each end
Speeds up to 4m/s
Pre-adjusted and pre-lubricated to offer practically maintenance-free operation
An access hole in the beam, closed off with a threaded plug, provides easy access for re-lubrication of the ball guide

A wide range of gearboxes, motors, motor connection kits, and drives are available. Other options and accessories include multi-axis mounting kits and tubular flanges.


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