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PCIe video capture card / Camera Link
Axion-CL series Bitflow



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    Camera Link


BitFlow has been making Camera Link frame grabbers since 1999. With each successive generation of frame grabbers, BitFlow has improved the quality, flexibility, and robustness of their interfaces. Meanwhile, much has changed on the backend; PCI to PCIe, Gen 1 to Gen 2, etc. The Camera Link Specification has also been continuously evolving: 80-bit (10-tap) mode was added, Power over Camera Link (PoCL), new connectors, new tap formats. Even though the specification has been around a long time, it is still one of the simplest, efficient, and least expensive ways to get camera data into a computer. It also benefits from hundreds of thousands of pieces of CL equipment sold worldwide. Camera Link 2.0 CompliantSupports up to two camerasSupports base, medium, full, 80-bit (10-tap) CL camerasSupports CL clocks up to 85 MHzSupports simultaneous capture from two 80-bit/85 MHz camerasIndustry standard SDR Camera Link connectorsSupport PoCL and non-PoCL camerasSupport dual connector PoCLProvides Safe Power, full protection from all power line faultsCameras can be accurately synchronized, or can be completely independentPCI Express x4 Gen 2.0 interface (also works in x8 and x16 slots)Compatible with PCI Express Gen 1.0 slots

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