retail scale / compact / with touch screen / compact



  • Type:

    retail, compact

  • Display type:

    with touch screen

  • Other characteristics:



PC-based counter scale for assisted sales, self-service scale and price labeling
The open PC based self-service scale platform offers more than sufficient capacity to cope with new features and individual customer requirements. Even the use of third party software is easily integrated and presents no problems. The integrated all-purpose printer is unique to the market and can perform every conceivable printing task that may be required of a retail-weighing device. Furthermore, replacing a paper roll is a very fast and intuitive process. Daily cleaning of the scale can be carried out quickly and easily. This is supported by the scale's compact design, the Easy Clean housing surface and the frame less Easy Clean display.

The X-Class 800 self-service scale is the preferred choice for retailers offering a self-service option. Recently it has become one of the most popular scales in the industry trend for use as a zero waste food shop scale. The intuitive touch screen display is easy to use with no instructions needed. Customers can bring their own packaging or bags, weigh and pay for goods without assistance. Self-service scales are now the norm in most retail establishments, the X-Class 800 and the MC 500 Self Service Scale are the most popular on the market today.

A self-service scale packed with technology, flexible and future proofed for any retail establishment. Including a multitude of interfaces Ethernet (Gbit), RS232, USB 2.0 (High Speed), USB 3.0 (Super Speed), RJ 12 (for cash register drawer), Audio output with 3.5mm jack. The energy efficient high-powered scale with multiple options and alternative sized screens to suit any establishment or retail area.