manual shot blasting machine / for metal / for concrete / ground



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for metal, for concrete, ground

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, mobile


Blastrac 1-5HH is a handheld machine that is ideal for processing both concrete and steel surfaces, a versatile hand tool that is perfect for both shot blasting and steel blasting, the 1-5HH is not only cost efficient, but packs the power you expect from a Blastrac tool.

Closed circuit which is almost dust free, when connected to an appropriate Blastrac dust collector.
Universal unit: can be connected to a standard electrical plug (230V).
Small and compact, but still very efficient.
Can work on very small or hardly accessible areas for example edges.
Easy to transport, handle and use.
Reliable machine, suitable for rental.
Can be used for floor and wall preparation / renovation / maintenance and decorative purposes.


The 1-5HH is a compact and powerful hand tool that can be used on both steel and concrete surfaces, with this versatility on applications, the 1-5HH machine is a must have tool for every contractor. this hand held tool can be used with the range of Blastrac steel shot and steel grit. To receive advice or training about shot blasting or to find the best products for your surface preparation applications, contact Blastrac.