fully-electric bending machine / for wires / CNC / twin-head



  • Operation:


  • Product handled:

    for wires

  • Other characteristics:

    CNC, twin-head


Ideal for medium-to-long part lengths with multiple bends.
For symmetric parts and/or parts that close back onto themselves.
For parts with pre-assembled ends or wire-wound resistors.
With the twin bending heads of the DH4010VGP CNC, you can double your productivity or complete complex wire jobs. The machine can be fed via coil stock or with pre-cut straight lengths of wire.

The DH4010VGP twin-turret, twin-head automatic bending machine guarantees perfect repeatability even on for bulky parts.

The ability to work with two heads at the same time, the unsupported length of wire is reduced and so is flex or whip that can occur during the bending operation. Elimination of this flex allows you to bend faster. As further guarantee, all electric axes are managed by the CNC and all position and power parameters are saved together with the part program. This ensures fast setup and accurate and constant positioning.

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