Fully-electric bending machine / pipe / 3D / 12-axis


  • Operation:


  • Product handled:


  • Other characteristics:

    3D, 12-axis, CNC

  • Max. bending size:

    Min.: 0 mm

    Max.: 150 mm


The multi-stack (12 axes) tube bending machine is a fully electric tube bending machine with VGP3D visual programming software. The machine provides the flexibility of free and quick switching to right-hand or left-hand configuration, for tubes up to 150 mm. The the CNC control (clamping, pressure die, mandrel, CLR) establishes and manages all critical machine setting parameters. It comes with fixed or variable radius bending (with boost bending facility up to 50.000 N) with constant repeatability and accuracy.

The series features fully interchangeable bending tools that runs at an economical cost power consumption reduced up to 80% compared to electro-hydraulic machines). VGP3D generates advanced working cycle which significantly enhances productivity by 200%. The piece can be automatically stimulated in real time, whilst it is being programmed (any possible tube collision with the machine or other possible encumbrances is highlighted). The absolute encoders enables detection of the single axis position.


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