tracking system with data logger / with humidity measurement / with temperature measurement / for boxes
Blutrack blulog



  • Type:

    with data logger, with humidity measurement, with temperature measurement, for boxes, for pallets, wireless


Using the same infrastructure as Bluroad, Blutrack is an ideal solution for companies from the logistics, manufacturing or retail sectors that enables wireless, real-time monitoring and management of their pallets or boxes. Thanks to this system users can not only track the temperature and humidity parameters, but also the geolocation of their assets. Blutrack makes
Industry 4.0 possible in providing affordable real time tracking of pallets and boxes.
Blulog sensors, fully integrated into the material of a box or a pallet, measures the temperature data minute after minute and uploads it automatically to the cloud. Hubs, connected to the Internet and installed in the client's logistics centers or warehouses, provide the on-line information about the parameters measured, as well as about the current geolocation of the shipment. Direct access to the data using the NFC technology is also possible. Using the application, the client has access to all the parameters measured, graphs,
geolocation, PDF rapports and other information.
Thanks to the system, companies can reduce their logistics costs, increase productivity, reinforce their competitiveness and above all deliver quality products assuring the highest quality of the entire process.