monitoring software / data analysis / vibration analysis / temperature analysis
NextView4 BMC Messsysteme GmbH



  • Function:

    monitoring, data analysis, vibration analysis, temperature analysis, measurement system analysis (MSA), visualization, measurement, metrology, diagnostic, for machine condition monitoring, production control

  • Applications:

    for CNC machines, process, for lathes and turning/milling, force measurement, network, industrial, machine, pipe, for building, for production, measuring system, Ethernet, for robots, diagnostic, for measuring machines

  • Type:

    real-time, automated, off-line, centralized

  • Operating system:

    Windows, 32/64-bit Windows system, Linux

  • Other characteristics:

    all-in-one, commercial, high-performance, custom-made


One software for everything. NextView®4 covers the entire world of PC measurement data acquisition:
displaying live data, recording measured values, analyzing your measurement applications - and much more.

Intelligent handling of the measurement parameter. Once conversion factors and unit have been entered, NextView®4 will always display your signals and analysis results as physical quantities.
After all, you do not want to see voltage, but the parameter that you measure:
temperature, pressure, speed – whatever you like.

The expert functions enable an effectively endless, continuous recording of your measurement data on a hard drive. Alternatively you save your measurement signals just when a certain incident occurs.

Long term measurement.
Using the tool multiscan, a measurement file can be changed without loosing any measurement values. This enables "real" long term recordings.

Interference monitoring.
Record events with the help of "trigger" and "prehistory" in all analog and digital inputs. Even in calculated channels. Measured data is only stored after the calculated measurement value has been reached. Even measurement values previous to the event are saved.

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